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Jamon Iberico (iberico ham)

Iberico Ham (or Jamon Iberico in Spanish) is known as the best ham in the world. Due to the many different types of Spanish hams that are sold in supermarkets, it can be quite confusing which type of Spanish ham you actually buy.

In the past, all Iberico hams were called Pata Negra, but this is no longer allowed. All Pata Negra hams are automatically Iberian ham, but not every Iberian ham is Pata Negra ham! Only purebred Ibéricos (100% raza ibérica) may be called Pata Negra. Hams of 50% Ibérico variety are labeled as “Ibérico ham”.

Based on the pigs' diet, a distinction is made between three different types of Ibérico ham: Ibérico Bellota (acorn feed in the wild), Cebo de Campo (partly acorn feed in the wild) and Cebo (grain feed). All these Iberian hams have very specific characteristics and flavours. Great to try them all out.

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