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Iberico Ham met Kerst

Iberico ham at Christmas

Why Do Spaniards Eat Iberico Ham at Christmas?

In Spain it is a great tradition to buy an Iberico Ham for Christmas. Just like in the Netherlands, Christmas is the time to celebrate with your loved ones and enjoy the best meals of the year. We opt for special dishes and delicacies during the holidays. An Iberico ham fits perfectly in the category 'something special'.

Tradition of party and good food

Just like in the Netherlands, Christmas in Spain is all about celebration, family and sharing gifts. In Spain, a Christmas celebration is marked by a leg of jamon, just as the turkey in Thanksgiving and Christmas is marked in the United States. Buying an Iberico ham is a treat that can be shared by all.

Sharing is caring

A whole Iberico Jamon or Paleta for Christmas is the perfect food to share with a large group. The Jamon is traditionally cut into thin slices that everyone can enjoy. The powerful taste of Iberico ham stimulates the taste buds. This makes it go well with a tasty Spanish Manchego cheese or a good Spanish wine or sherry.

History and faith

The history of Jamon is closely linked to the Christian faith. At the time when the Moors conquered Spain, Jamon was used to celebrate Christian culture and faith; because the Moors were Muslim, it was seen as a sign of defiance. Hundreds of years later, the Iberico Ham for Christmas is still a tradition.

Iberico Ham for the office Christmas party

Just like in the Netherlands, people also like to celebrate Christmas at work during the annual Christmas party. Very often the boss buys a whole Jamon to treat and reward his staff for the hard work of the past year. A tradition that we would like to see in the Netherlands as well.

The Jamon is thinly sliced ​​and shared with everyone, often accompanied by some fresh bread and some Spanish cured meats such as Chorizo, Salchichon (and if it's really a party) Lomo or Lomito. Lomo comes from the loin of the pig. Also known as Filet Mignon.

How does an Iberico ham fit on the Christmas table?

Jamon makes the ideal centerpiece for the table at Christmas, but with everything else going on, you may be wondering, 'How can I put a whole Jamon on the table at Christmas?' There are other options you can definitely consider; for example, it may be easier to buy the Jamon already expertly hand cut. Cutting the Jamon yourself also requires some skill. Our small vacuum packs of Jamon are easy to store and prepare, so you don't have to worry about space issues. Just like in the Netherlands, the Spaniards like to eat and drink a little too much - Jamon is the ideal snack for the taste buds during the after dinner, even when you are full.

If you have enough space or do you like to make room for such a whole Jamon. Then choose a sturdy ham holder and a good ham knife . This not only looks nice, but good sturdy holders and a good knife also ensure that you can safely cut the ham.

Add a little Spanish flair to your Christmas

Iberico Ham for Christmas is a good idea right? Iberico Fino is the best place to order your Jamon or Paleta ; we offer the best prices for products coming from the best producers in Spain. Viewour own selection of Jamon Iberico and cold cuts in our store.

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